What Sets Us Apart

Richards Null Orthodontics Team

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. It is one of the most noticeable and attractive things about any person and a great smile can actually improve your self-esteem and confidence. We know that choosing the right orthodontist is an important decision, so please read what makes our orthodontic office unique. We give great attention to detail not only in our orthodontic treatment, but also to things that can make your visit more pleasant!

  • Experience! Our doctors have over 30 years of full-time experience in orthodontics and have created thousands upon thousands of beautiful smiles!
  • We have an enthusiastic, well-trained, and experienced staff. All of our assistants have been with the practice for many years and our staff has years of experience in the orthodontic field! You will always see the same smiling faces! Our orthodontic assistants are all experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate people. Our entire team strives to provide each patient a positive, caring and memorable experience.
  • Our office is conveniently located in the center of Kingwood. There is adequate parking and even a carport for those rainy days!
  • We have designed our office to be “a fun place to get a great smile!” We have a comfortable reception area that has computers, a TV, and complimentary bottled water and Keurig coffee. Our new patient exam rooms are spacious and feature large HD screens to display the 3D images during the exam. The operatory has six patient chairs and TV’s playing family friendly movies above each chair. We also have a “birthday wheel” so patients get to spin the month of their birthday for a gift card!
  • Patients can access both account and appointment information 24 hours a day via our website with a personal login. We utilize an automated appointment confirmation software program that will call you the night before every appointment to remind you. We also offer e-mail and text message automated appointment confirmation.
  • We value your time. We have electronic sign-in that notifies our clinical team immediately upon your arrival. This helps us to be more efficient and stay on time.
  • We use the very latest treatment technology available. We have a high-tech, iCAT imaging machine that allows us to view dental anatomy images in 3D! Our office also uses the progressive Damon system of orthodontics. It provides very efficient tooth movement using lighter forces resulting in less discomfort, fewer appointments, less extraction of permanent teeth and fewer expanders. Our goal utilizing this new technology is to achieve a beautiful, broad smile with enhanced facial balance.
  • We follow the guidelines established by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and routinely replace our sterilization equipment to assure all sterilization methods are current and safe for our patients.
  • Parents are always welcome in our treatment area. We believe in communication with our parents and even have chairs in the treatment area for our parents to sit with their children, if desired.
  • Upon completion of the final stage of braces, we offer fixed upper and lower retainers (small wires glued to the back of the front teeth) and removable upper and lower retainers that only have to be worn at night. We want your smile to stay beautiful for years to come!
  • Many area dental professionals, such as family dentists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and their staff members, have given us the privilege of treating themselves, their spouses and their children. This is the highest compliment we can receive, when other professionals in our field trust us with their loved ones!
  • As a courtesy, we file your insurance for you and accept payments directly from your insurance company.

In summary, orthodontic treatment is a gift to your child or yourself that will have a life-long effect! We hope that you have found this information helpful and would love to have you join our family of patients. We invite and encourage you to talk with other families who have chosen our office for their orthodontic needs, and ask them about their experience in our office. It would be a privilege for our entire team to provide your child or yourself the beautiful, totally awesome smile that you are seeking. We will work very hard to make sure that your orthodontic treatment is a positive experience, and it is provided in a fun, caring and efficient manner. We hope you sense the excitement and enthusiasm we have for all the benefits that modern orthodontics has to offer!